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Customer Experience Support.

We appreciate that our customers often have great delivery teams in place, yet we understand that having the time and headspace to strategise, plan and rollout robust processes to aid delivery can be difficult. That is why we offer ad-hoc or continuous support when and where you need it most.

Customer Journey & Customer Sentiment.

As e-commerce support specialists we enable online retailers to achieve outstanding customer loyalty. 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience*. Therefore it is important that your customer journey maximises positive experiences to increase your conversion rates and have your customers come back for more.

Understanding your customers’ behaviour and what makes a raving fan is key to customer retention and getting even more brand advocates on board. Having a Customer Support team that provides excellent customer experiences will help your brand stand out. Get in touch if you need customer journey advice and support.

Get in touch if you need customer journey advice and support.

Store Walks & Store Profiling

One thing we understand well is the difficulty in producing a consistent retail and brand experience when you are managing a variety of store locations and sizes, it is certainly not a one size fits all solution. That is why we work with our retail customers to understand the opportunities and constraints within their branch network by visiting stores, talking to the teams who are face to face with your customers every day and listening to their issues and suggestions. From the flagship store to the poor performing stores, we are on hand to provide expert advice on how to replicate and improve performance across all your retail sites.

Unrivalled Consultancy Services

Stuck in a strategic rut? If you need a brand awareness boost and better direction on your lead generation tactics, our marketing consultancy service will get your business strategy back on track. By acting as an extension of your team on an interim basis, you can save costs on hiring the likes of a Head of Marketing or CMO. Need support after the strategy stage is over? Then of course our specialists would be happy to let you pick and mix elements of marketing support you need implementing, on the hours you can afford.

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At Summit Creative we are quite the social bunch. We'd love to get to know about you, and how your business works. Let's have a chat about how you reach your customers. You can pick a time and date here to book in for a video chat, or if you'd prefer a face to face and a cuppa!

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